You are now entering the grizzle of Team 67250, Counter-Strike 1.6 clan. We're looking forward to owning noobs in Cevo Project Gamer, but for now, challenge us in the East Advanced OGL ladder (jajaja) or join us in our irc channel on Gamesurge: #cnote.

The video that started it all: C-NOTE

67250 is obviously our zip code, but for those who are not satisfied with that explanation, see our urban dictionary definition.


3/29/08 -- We've just been alerted that some ass is trying to charge people for the original .dem cnote demo. Fuck that! Here it is.

12/18/07 -- Kitty Party 2 was a great success. Against all odds, six people, two cats, five desktops and one laptop fit in Sandy and Drew's apt. And Griff was crowned irrefutable poker champion due to an absurd number of straights on the river.

9/11/07 -- Welcome expresses his frustration with Griff's CSM strats: "Puma u suck man making timered lone wolf and drop 105 on me is not cool at all. I will remember this forever."

8/27/07 -- 67250 csm community was featured in a CSM Times story. Read about THE 67250 INVASION.

7/9/07 -- Kitty Party pictures are up.

6/5/07 -- Kitty Party 2007 starts next week! Planned activities include kitty cake baking, box game, gazing out windows and napping.

5/19/07 -- New StarCraft2 demo video released; CLICK HERE!

5/15/07 -- Warsow .3 released. Zet and Nok are thrilled.

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